Monday, December 29, 2014

Manger Lantern - 2014 Christmas Series

Merry Christmas to all of you

Here is the file for the Manger Lantern.

It is my first complex 3D file, so, it might be a little difficult to put together. I wanted to make a glue free lantern, but given the time frame I had to glue the flaps. I'll work on that later. The folding lines are embedded on the file, se there´s no need to use the scoring tool.

There are three pieces that can be cut from two 8.5x11 in. cardstock each:
The back panel, the cutouts panel and the cutout backing panels.

The frosted panels were cut from vellum. I made separate lines for these, so the vellum wouldn't rip when cut. Because of the intricate cuts  of the manger scene, the vellum had to be glued using adhesive spray.

For the inside light I used a white Led Flickering Light.

I hope you like it

Here is the gorgeous version of Julie Brash from one of Cricut's facebook groups. She did a wonderful job!

  1. Import in DS
  2. Resize to 14.95 inches wide
  3. Cut
  4. Assemble
  5. Enjoy!

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