Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Black Pens Test Review Using the Chomas Creations Pen Adapter.

Ever since I received my Chomas Adjustable pen and marker holders I've been wanting test my always growing pen collection.

I wanted to test my felt tip and ball point pens so, here it is.

I put to the test the following pens
  • Cricut Midnight Black felt tip pen

  • American Crafts Slick Writer felt tip pen

  • American Crafts Precision 0.1 felt tip pen

  • Pilot G-1 ball point pen

  • Pilot Super Gel 07 ball tip pen (this is not available on amazon)

  • Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint ball tip pen

  • Uniball Eye Micro ball tip pen

I used a linen textured cardstock like the one I use on my paper piecing.

Here are the results:

As far as writing on textured cardstock, all the pens did a good job. You might want to use a ballpoint pen for thinner lines and clearly the Slick Writer pen is the thickest one. The Uniball Eye, although it gives a darker and fine line, tends to bleed a little on the paper .

To me, the Pilot G-1 and the Pilot V5 deliver the best result, very sharp lines and no bleed whatsoever. The super gel did a great job also, but sometimes ink does not flow properly.

Please notice these lines are very small

I leave it up to you.
You can get the Chomas Adapter here: http://www.amychomas.com/

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