Thursday, August 28, 2014

Print then cut explained.

I know the feature is coming for the Explore, but for those of you who can't wait or have to deliver something soon, here you go.

I'm not too confident on my english to make a video, so here's the images and some explaining for the tutorial on print then cut.

This is the way I cut all the text for my baby shower invitations I did a couple of months ago.

1- Since I wanted my text to fit the shape of the onesie and I needed several printed I made this template to create the text on Illustrator.

I did the next steps in Illustrator, but in case you want to use your good old word processor, here's the way to do it.

Open a new letter size document and place the image above an fit it to the page.

I'm so sorry if you find the Microsoft office command confusing in spanish. I had no language option when I installed.
To make it fit the whole page set your image text fit to transparent

And your top margin to 0, dragging the margin on the left ruler to the border of the page.

The next step is a little bit tedious, but you only do it once.
Draw a box around the shape you want your text to follow and type your text. Set your alignment to center and just hit return when the line is too long to fit.

Set the contour or border of your  box to transparent so it won't print.

Now copy the text to the other templates 

Draw a box where both little squares are.

Now hide the back image by selecting it and deleting it from the page

Now print the result. I recommend to print several, because the next step is just trial and error.

Import the SVG file to CDS and resize it to 8.5 inches wide.

Download Onesies SVG Template 

Set the blue layer to score and the leave brown layer to cut and attach both layers

Make sure when you load the mat to place it all the way under the rolling thingies (the white ones).

When you hit go, the machine will show you first (when it scores) if your paper or cardboard placement is off and where you need to move it to. Stop the machine by hitting the pause button and reposition your paper by pressing the unload button. Start all over...

This is very approximate, but it helps you cut the shape wanted for now.

Anyways, if you find this tutorial annoying and slow, here's the Word document so you only have to change the text and skip the first steps. 

Hope it helps.