Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tutorial for double spinner card

I know the file does not speak for itself, so here's a tutorial on how to assemble the spinner parts of the card. You'll need 1/8" eyelets and eyelet setter, contact cement and a little patience.
  1.  Assemble the legs and the arms separately. I like to use Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky glue because it allows you to work faster.
  2. Glue the shirt and the pants to the body base.
  3. Set an eyelet pressing only half way on one of the holes of the body.
  4. Attach the piece on top of the eyelet using contact cement. It is very important not to get cement on other parts, otherwise the piece won't spin. A great tip for this glue is to let it sit for a couple of seconds until it feels dry to the touch, then join the two pieces you want to adhere and hold firmly for a couple of seconds. Wait 5-10 minutes before the next step.
  5. Add some rubber cement to the coin and attach the cover piece. Let it sit for a couple of minutes.
  6.  Add some rubber cement to the center hole of the coin cover and to the other side of the eyelet and glue them together. Again, take care not to add cement outside the hole of the cover piece or around the body base. Wait a couple of minutes.

Assemble the rest of the card as you would any other spinner card.
Here are some great tutorials!

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