Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ultimate Cricut Pen Fitting Accessory

Have you ever been to a store and wondered if a wonderful set of pens, on sale by the way, will fit the pen adapter on your Cricut Explore?

There's a surprise on that envelope, keep reading to find out.

The reveal

What is this? you wonder...

Yes, it's a wallet size card for check the fitting of pens on the explore!
The SVG comes with a pouch to store.

I recommend to cut two layers of the card to make it stronger.


  1. Import in DS
  2. resize to 4.055 inches wide (make sure to write all the numbers)
  3. Ungroup
  4. Attach scoring lines to envelope
  5. Cut!
  6. This time really enjoy!!

Download Pen  Fitting Card

Don't forget to post your finished project photos made with these SVG on the "YOU" page of this blog.


  1. this is great but the pens in the stores are normally packaged in hard plastic.

  2. possible to make one for the maker to?

    1. The Maker has the same configuration as the Explore for pens! This works with the Maker as well!


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