Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Victor Treat Box, 2014 Halloween Series

Hi everyone, I'm back!

After a long 5 days I'm close to my Explore again with a bunch of SVGs to test and upload.
This is Victor - as in Victor Frankenstein. I'm not very fond of the base box color and guess a darker one would be better. (I tweaked it a little in photoshop, it is a lighter  green color actually)

An 8.5x11 inches cardstock is enough to make the box, and  I used scarps for the character and embellishments.

There are VERY SMALL pieces in this and as you can see Victor has a tooth missing, That's it! I'm taking him to my practice tomorrow. LOL.

Photoshop is a good dentist...

For the scar on the forehead I used a Pilot V5 ball point pen, that allows very fine lines and fits perfectly on the pen adapter of the explore.

On the top of the box there's a cloud and lightning resembling the movie.

Although I'm very excited about the Print then cut feature, Paper piecing has a vintage feel that I love. I will still use it for other projects, but for these boxes the end size is a little too small for me. I'll be posting pictures of the printed box I made this morning, so stick around. I will also upload a tutorial on how to make the print then cut version of the box.


  1. Import in DS.
  2. Resize to 10.6 inches wide.
  3. Ungroup.
  4. Change function to write for the scar and the eyes.
  5. Attach the scar to the face.
  6. Attach the eyes to the Black shadow.
  7. Cut.
  8. Assemble.
  9. Enjoy!

I just figured you can still use SVG files for the print then cut feature, so there's no need to give you guys a different file.

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