Monday, September 8, 2014

Tsukineko Sponge Dauber Storage

Due to a request from Kathy, here's the SVG to make the Tsukineko Sponge Dauber Storage box.

I used 1.5 mm. thick chipboard and used the explore to draw the parts only. Being such small parts, I didn't want it to cut, due to the risk of the blade getting stuck.

After drawing the parts I cut them using my Fiskars 12 inch trimmer (I love the size and weight of this one). For the little slots on the dividers I used an exacto knife. These don't have to be too accurate, just wide enough to fit the other divider without being too loose.

I glued everything using Aleene's Fast Drying Tacky glue, Waited a couple of hours for it to be dry, and "washi-taped" the heck out of it. The ones I used are 3Ms Washi tape for the main design and expression tape for the borders. This last one is a lot more thick and wear resistant.

You'll get a ZIP file with 3 SVGs inside. One for the Color Chart, another one for the Base and Dividers and a third one for the Lid. Import in DS and resize to the following measures:

Base: 10.99 inches wide

Lid: 9,3 inches wide

Color Chart: 6,5 inches wide

It is very important to change the function to Write for all the shapes, so after importing, do so and then attach each layer (You should end up with 3: 1.Base and dividers, 2.Lid and 3.Color Chart)
In case you don't want to write the color chart in your explore, there's also a printable PDF file.
If links don´t seem to open, please right click and select "open link in a new tab", it should take you to a save file dialog. Let me know in the comments if links don´t work, thanks

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