Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Stenciled Valentine's Card - One Design, So Many Options #2

Stencils with Distress Inks on a Dauber and embossing paste are so fast and the result is so professional, that you definitely want to give this a try.

I know that you, like me, buy stuff that sit in your craft room for ages before you decide to use them. This time is Martha Stewart's Stencil Material, a thick Plastic sheet that cuts very well on the Cricut on the Poster board setting. I recommend leaving the sheets flat for a while before trying this technique to avoid the stencil shifting when manipulating it. I also used Repositionable Spray Adhesive (the same kind I use to refurbish my cutting mats) to make sure the stencil stayed in place while applying paint and embossing paste.
Make sure to use a cardboard box when applying the adhesive
Again, here are the pieces:
In this case, there's only 2 layers, a base card and a Front Layer or A Mat. The design is created using the 3 stencils: #1 for the leaves, #2 for the small hearts and #3 for the center heart. In this card, the sentiment comes with an offset path to make it stand out in front of the card.

Stencil #1 was used with a sponge dauber and Peeled Paint Distress Ink.
Stencil #2 was used with Embossing Paste with a little bit of  Fired Brick Distress Ink.
Sorry for the photo, I know it is green,
I thought of using green the embossing paste before I decided to go with the dauber technique
I used a dental spatula to mix and apply the paste.
Stencil #3 was used to apply Fired Brick Distress Ink on a Dauber also.

Make sure you tape your stencil and your A Mat down to avoid shifting.
Let your embossing paste dry completely. I wouldn't recommend using a heating tool, since the air can move the paste around and mess the flat surface.

I love the Teal color Glitter Cardstock on top of the white offset path. To make it stand even more I used a Clear Foam Tape called Kool Tak. I cut it very small and i love that it doesn't show at all, despite the fact the cutout on top is very thin.

I love how this one turned out and remember, the SVG file comes with english wording also.
Supplies List

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