Monday, June 26, 2023

Stained Glass Effect with Cricut – 5 ways

Hello everyone! Is nice to be back and thanks for being here.

I finally got all the footage to upload this tutorial I hope you enjoy it

The ancient art of Stained glass can be usually found in the windows of religious buildings across the world.

They are made with colored pieces of glass set on a lead framework forming a decorative design. The lead joints are usually painted black, creating an outline for the images.

I’ve had this idea for a while and I’ve been experimenting with different surfaces and coloring techniques to mimic this beautiful art form in a simple yet visually appealing way.

The effect I settled for was achieved with a design colored on a transparent or semitransparent material, behind an outline frame cut out of black cardstock. I added a window frame to finish it off.

I tried different surfaces and mediums and I go into the very details of each in this video tutorial:

Here you have all 5 methods I explain compared side by side.

Colored Vellum gives a more subtle color because the medium is placed on the opposite side, while

Printed vellum is more vibrant since you are looking directly at the printed surface.

Vellum’s semi transparent property allows it to be placed on top of darker colors masking them off a bit, making it suitable for almost any card base color.

On the other hand, transparencies painted with markers look rougher than any of the other techniques, because of the visible streaks and uneven color layering completely visible from either side of the film.

Printed Transparencies to me, give the realest look because of the shine and color intensity. This would be my preferred technique, followed by printed vellum, pencil and marker colored vellum tied on third place and finally marker colored transparencies.

In the end, depending on the effect you are looking for and the supplies available, you can choose one or more of these techniques.

I hope you give one or more of these techniques a try

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  1. Such a beautiful card! I'd love to make it. But the svg of the black layer has 2 sections that are solid black and cannot be contoured out. Also I see a line that is probably a cut line through Mary's head

    1. Indeed, the file has a couple of stray points but it’s all fixed now.
      Thanks for letting me know.