Monday, September 19, 2022

Rising From the Coffin Halloween Pop Up Card

Hello Everyone!
Halloween is one of my favorite festivities (can't decide between Halloween and Christmas).
I've had this idea for a while and now I finally made it happen.

The design features an Inverted V-Fold Pivot rotating mechanism built in the center fold of the card and a parallel box fold to hold the coffin.
Please follow the video tutorial for the assembling.

There are several ways in which you can put this card together and several techniques you can use on your Cricut Machine.

Card Front:
I did some very simple inking on the edges of each element using distress inks and memento dew drop ink pads.
The front panel 
The words Happy Halloween can be either foiled or written on the matted front panel.
Foiling:  I created this using the medium Cricut Foil Transfer Tool and Gold Foil. You can get the kit that comes with a couple of sheets in different colors to try them out and figure which one works best for your project. I was amazed at how accurate the lines are, but a bit disappointed at the excess foil that you can get stuck outside the original design. It is however, very easy to remove using Blue-tack reusable adhesive.
Drawing: The front sentiment can also be written using Cricut pens on light colored cardstock or a light color pen (white or gold gel pens) on dark cardstock. Just make use to use a medium to thin gel pen to get the separation between the lines of the font correctly.
I also stamped several stars in gold, using Tsukineko's Brilliance Glaxy Gold ink pad and a couple of small bats that I colored using Copic markers to give it that cute spooky feeling.
Card inside:
Vampire Character. There are several ways to create the character, I explain each one on the video, but here is a detailed explanation.
  1. Print then Cut: 
    • Print then cut the colored character: I provided a fully colored character for you to print then cut right away if you are in a hurry. Just select the elements and flatten the base and the colored pieces that make up the image together.
    • Print then cut the black lineart: select the lineart and underlying layer and flatten them together. 
    • Print then cut the lineart changing the color of the lines: Select the lineart element and change the operation for the top layer to Pen. You can then change the color of the lines to whatever option you like and Design Space allows, by clicking on the bold black square on to the Operation panel, next to your selection. Once you have chosen your desired color, select the top and the bottom and click on flatten. You will achieve a print then cut element with different color lines than the originally designed ones. This is a great option if you want to create a no line coloring artwork, if you select a very light color just to guide you through the coloring; very useful when doing watercolors.
  2. Drawing the lineart (featured in the video): Using a pen, have your machine draw the image in the desired color. In my case, I used a Pilot Precise V5 ball point pen that fits perfectly on the pen tool of the Cricut machine, so there's no need to buy off brand adapters. Depending on the medium you are using, you might need to change the type of pen you use to avoid the lines from smudging when coloring. 

I kept the colors of the cardstock and the character within a sunset color palette and added a few highlights using a white gel pen. What I usually do, is do a photo search and start picking colors from it, nothing like nature  to give you inspiration. www.unsplash.com is a great source of royalty free images that I visit constantly.

The embellishment lines on the coffin can either be drawn with a pen, foiled or even debossed if you have the Debossing Tool. I chose to foil them to match the written words in the front.
I used mostly double sided tape adhesive on my ATG Gun for the matted panels and liquid glue for small elements. Aleene's Tacky glue Pen is the one I've used for years and has never disappointed me.
Finally, the mechanism can be cut form the same cardstock you sued for the coffin to make it less visible from the top or the side of the card. I made it white and it still does not show, but it is really up to you.
I hope you have fun making this project and watch the video assemble the card.
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