Friday, July 9, 2021

Beer Mug Pop Up Card

Hello Peeps!
Here I am again with a fun new project. This is a Beer Mug pop up card I made for Father's Day and hadn't had time to upload yet.
The fun thing about this card is that it opens up a little bit different than other pop ups. 
You need to push the side top tabs down, to reveal the beer coming out of the faucet (nozzle I called it on the video) and  hand COPIC colored mug that pops up as you reach the base of the card.
I wanted to use shiny cardstock and a pastel like color palette that resembled the beach, thus the blue and yellow and gold.
As always, a full video tutorial is available on YouTube
Here are some tips for cardstock selection:
  1. Because there are two layers for the card base (outer in light blue an inner in pearlescent yellow), you can use anything from 60 lb up. I would recommend not to go higher than 80 though, because the easiness when opening the card could be compromised.
  2. for the colored portion (beer mug, foam and handle itself) I used COPIC X-PressIt blending card, a beautiful glossy finish cardstock that makes applying and mixing colors very easy. 
    1. It won't bleed off the printed or drawn lines and it can take a fair amount of ink without altering its properties or surface sheen.
    2. It will provide sufficient support for the pop up mechanism.
    3. It holds laser printers toner very well, which is great if you are planning on printing and then coloring. Toner is a good idea to use when using watercolors or COPIC markers, you have to be careful with colored pencils, specially if the lead is too hard as it might lift the toner off the surface.
  3. All gold embellishments are better cut from 80 lb. cardstock. It reinforces the central element that has to stand in the center of the card and it is basically what holds the mechanism together.
  4. The mirror like cardstock is about 80 lb, but you can use any weight and it is not an intricate cut, so you should be fine using even fine glitter cardstock like DCWV Glitzy for a more sparkly look.
  5. The  details of the beer faucet were cut from Neenah 80lb cardstock, it is a heavy cardstock that delivers incredible cut results, even on intricate designs.
As always I recommend you to use a liquid Glue like Aleene's Tacky glue as it reinforces the cardstock one it dries.

I hope you like this project as much I did and give it a chance, it is a great masculine card for any occasion.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Great video that explains everything so clear.
    Think this card would be nice for women too.

  2. Thanx a bunch. I have just the person for this card in August. Love your stuff.

  3. That is one the coolest cards I have ever seen!!
    Thank you so much for designing it!!!