Saturday, July 10, 2021

Frozen Princesses Costumes Vinyl Appliques

Hello everyone,
There's no tutorial for this post, but a handy file in case you, like myself, have a Disney's Frozen fan in your family.
My niece is a huge Disney's Frozen fan. She can never decide weather to be Anna or Elsa, so for Christmas 2019 I made her both costumes.
I used Simplicity Pattern #1233 for all the cutting and sewing.
But instead of cutting the appliques from fabric, I used Iron On Glitter Vinyl and designed them over, making them more true to the costumes in the movie. For the velvet Bodice I also used Cricut's Lilac Foil Iron On vinyl.
For the skirt I used teal and red. The cape is real wool material and I was really afraid to iron it so I added the trimmings and left it plain, it still looks pretty close to the original dress.
And for Elsa's Cape, I used Neon Blue blue and Silver glitter Vinyl.
All the shapes are organized so you can cut them from 12x12 sheets of vinyl and save material
You will have to cut and iron them in the following configuration

For Elsa's cape, just distribute them randomly using the larger ones towards the bottom
  1. Remember that Iron On Glitter Vinyl is a lot thicker than regular Iron On Vinyl, so you'll have to use more pressure to cut all the way through and avoid cutting the backing layer.
  2. Always use a low heat setting on your iron, is better to take longer to adhere the vinyl, than to burn the fabric, specially with shiny or velvet like materials.
  3. Use your iron and avoid using a heat press to apply heat more accurately.
  4. On the bodice, be careful when ironing on velvet as you might leave heat marks on the fabric. I used baking paper on top of the vinyl and applied heat using just the tip of my iron to avoid touching the velvet around.
  5. The blue skirt appliques are very tall and you will have to incline them slightly in a circular fashion instead of parallel to each other, following the curve of the skirt. (perpendicular to the tangent of the skirt hem to be exact)

  6. I ironed on the vinyl before sewing Anna's garment, just be careful not to over manipulate the fabric, as the vinyl could start peeling off of it if overworked.
  7. Organza is a bit tricky. Place a piece of baking paper underneath otherwise the vinyl will stick to whatever is under it. Use a low setting on your iron.
It was a fun and really rewarding project, Mariana still uses them every now and then, she'll outgrow them soon though, but she'll always have an uncle with a Cricut and a sewing machine ready for whatever she feels like to be.

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