Friday, May 22, 2020

Queen Amidala Hand Painted Gouache Card + Free printable Lineart and Color Chart

Hello everyone. I'm just catching up with a lot of footage I hadn't uploaded.
Here's the card I made for Stephen last year, when he turned 40. There's a video that shows the entire painting process sped up a little bit if you are interested and also a free printable color chart for the gouache paint and downloadable lineart if you want to give this image a try.
The image is a drawing I made of Queen Amidala from the movie "Star Wars Episode III"
The quote in the front reads
"So... This is how your 30s end"

and on the inside says:
 "With a thunderous applause"
The real movie quote is "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause". In the movie is supposed to be a sad moment, but I really wanted to celebrate the beggining of a new decade. In my head it works I guess, lol!
I used Arteza Premium Gouache Colors and created a Chart for all 60 shades that you can download as a PDF file at the end of this post.
These are beautiful, vibrant, very opaque colors that give you really good coverage with a very small amount. I used the color metallic gold for the headpiece and the result was amazing, with a lot of shine and texture.  Once I filled in my chart, I laminated it to keep it from scratching or getting soiled. It also serves as a very inexpensive mixing palette.
For the paper I used Arches Cold Pressed 140lb watercolor paper, a fine grain paper that has a little bit of texture and allows for a smooth brush stroke.
I added details using watercolor pencils and a gold pen for the robe details.
I Mounted the painting on a gold matted panel and popped everything on an A2, sand colored notecard using foam tape.
The sentiment was hand written, but I guess you can always use your Cricut to write it for you (I was in a hurry when I did it)
I also created a digital version in Procreate, but I like this hand painted one much better as it has a vintage flare to it, like those celluloid stills from old animated movies.
I hope you like find the video useful and give this image a try, if you do, please let me know in the comments below or in social media (you can find me as Awesome SVGs across the web)

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Queen Amidala 4 cards A2 page
Queen Amidala Line Art
Arteza Color Chart


  1. It says "not found" when I click to download lineart. Thanks in advance for any help

  2. It's been fixed already, I tried to put both file in one single download and it got messed up. Please let me know if it worked.

  3. I enjoyed your painting process video. That is really good to me. Because, I am looking to do some similar type painting for my husband and your ideas and process will help me a lot to do my painting.