Saturday, September 1, 2018

Using ZIP Files with Design Space Mobile App - (iOS devices only)

Hello everyone!,
I've had a lot of questions regarding the download process using a mobile device.
As you know, many of my files come in a compressed ZIP folder that you must decompress in order for the content to be uploaded to Design Space or any other SVG, JPEG or PNG handling software. This is because instead of downloading each file of a particular project, you just need to download one single compressed file. The next question is: Once I've downloaded the ZIP File, How do I unzip it? and finally, How do I get it to work in Design Space?
Please notice that this tutorial is for those of you using iOS devices (iPads or iPhones), with iOS software 11 and above only. I don't own an Android Device, so sorry about that. Please feel free to link videos that show this process on other systems, in the comments. 
Thank you!!
I'll show you how to download a file from this blog, unzip it and get it ready to upload in Design Space, all this on your mobile device, so you can get your projects ready to cut on the go.

Since this is a very visual tutorial, I'll leave you with the video that'll show you in detail how to download a Zipped project without any problems so you don't miss anything while away from your computer.
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Thank you!
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