Saturday, August 18, 2018

Auto Raising, Flip Top, Cardboard, Cricut Tool Wallet

Hello peeps!
I feel like I've cracked the code!!
I got my cricut tool holder to function properly! so I called it:
Auto raising: It raises the inner drawer as you open it with the help of a ribbon mechanism
Flip Top: the top flips like a cigarette box.
Cardboard: That's what it's made of.
Cricut Tool Wallet: It´s not really a wallet, but I liked the rhythm of it, lol.

Please, note that YOU DO NOT NEED A CRICUT MAKER TO MAKE THIS PROJECT. This was cut and scored on a Maker, but using the same scoring Stylus that can be put on a Cricut Explore, Cricut Explore Air or Air 2 or a Cricut Explore One. If you do have the new scoring wheel, please let us know how much better it is in the comments below. This will fit any Cricut housing (Cricut Explore and above) so even if you don't have the adaptive tool system, this project is for you!
I want to take a line or two to express you how happy I am with the growth this blog has had. Awesome SVGs has been alive for 4 years now, and over 1 million crafters have visited from all over the world, I couldn't be more thrilled, so thank you!

Now back to this project.

I'm so excited to share and I really hope you find good use in this tutorial. As I've been doing for the past projects, I will upload a video tutorial for the assembly and this post, you can use as reference with the pictures and as a safe place to download the files directly from my Google Drive account.

This whole thing was made using 3 sheets of Neenah Classic Crest, Solar White 110 lb. Cardstock. I wouldn't recommend using any lighter cardstock to ensure the mechanism works just fine and the tool holder inside doesn't ward or bend.
You will also need 6 inches of 1" ribbon. Satin finish is better because it will allow for a smoother movement of the inner drawer.

The use of liquid glue is encouraged as it hardens the cardstock when it dries. Aleene's Tacky glue is always my choice, the working time is great and it doesn't take forever to dry. It's consistency won't make your cardstock so wet that it warps, keeping all your surfaces smooth and straight.

I'm happy you are here and Enjoy

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  1. looking forward to attempting to make, THANK YOU!

    1. Give it a try, is easy to make and you'll be the Cicut queen among your friend!
      Thanks for stopping by

  2. thank you so much, i dont have a cricut maker but i will try making it with normal card stock and see how it will look >

  3. Thank you so much!! I can't wait to give this a whirl!!

  4. Thank you very much. This is awesome.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this file. Can't wait to make it!!

  6. Thank you. You are so generous allowing free download. I have just bought a Cricut Maker so am looking forward to a whole new way of crafting.

  7. Thank you. looking forward to making this clever box.

  8. Hi, i try to download. But is not working. Can i ask for help.please and thank you

    1. Sure,
      Please send me a mail to

  9. Just found by accident Great Idea....THANKS

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