Monday, March 20, 2017

Coffee Cup Pop Up, Gift Card Holder Card

Hello everyone!
It was my my friend María José's Birthday last week. She is a coffee fanatic, so we decided to give her a Starbucks Rewards Card and I made a cute card to go with it, and here it is.

This is going to be a long post, but it is mostly photos, so don't panic.
The idea is from a Japanese site called Kagissipo. They have stunning pop up cards and you can download a couple of projects in PDF format for free to print, hand cut and assemble. This, I figured out myself, so you will not find it in their site.

It took me a while to perfect it and this is an improved version of the card I actually gave to my friend.
And here we go.
Start by scoring, writing and cutting all the pieces with the right side of your cardstock facing up on the mat, except for the coffee foam piece. 
Coffe Foam piece must be written, scored an cut on the wrong side of the cardstock,
so the placement lines drawn stay hidden.
Wrong side must be written.
Right side of the cardstock must be inked
In Design Space, you must Un-group the whole SVG, and Attach the scoring and writing lines to the shape underneath, then change your machine functions according to the colors of the paths: Blue lines represent scoring lines and Yellow paths with dark brown outlines represent writing lines. I used mostly the earth tones paper pack of the American Crafts Cardstock. It is not a very good cardstock for detailed intricate images, but it worked great for this project and you avoid the hassle of having to choose matching colors. 

The reinforcing panels cardstock (white paths) were made with Neenah Solar White 110 lb cardstock, a sturdy paper that helps the card to lay flat when opening it. Finally, the spoon was cut from Neenah Metallics 65 lb cardstock, very shimmery and double sided also.
Attach writing and scoring lines to the corresponding paths.
The assembling looks complex but it is actually very easy.

Start by inking the edges of the pieces shown below.
Upper left: Cup sides, ink the bottom edge, the top edge will be covered with the yellow band
Upper right: Front panel
Lower left: Saucer
Lower center: Coffee Foam
Lower right: Inner panel
The cup and saucer were inked using Crushed Olive Distress ink on a dauber, for the coffee foam I used Tea Die. I embossed the front panel with the Wood Grain and Goosebumps Set from We R Memory Keepers Folder and then I inked it with Forest Moss Distress Ink on a Mini Ink Blending Tool. Finally I inked the inner panel with Vintage Photo Distress Ink, also on a Mini Ink Blending Tool.
Once you are done inking, fold the scoring lines and use a bone folder to make sharp creases.
Assemble the Cup side, gluing the tab to the other end.
Add glue to the tab
Press firmly for a few seconds.
This glued fold will be the back of the cup.

Glue the Coffee Foam in place.
Insert the Foam tabs in the horizontal slots of the cup side
Make sure the tabs are all the way into the slots
Add glue to the upper part of the tab

Fold the tab upwards and press firmly
Check the correct gluing by pressing the creases on the cup side
Attach the handle.
Add glue to the tabs
Slide the tabs of the handle on the vertical slots of the Cup side,
pointing to the front of the cup
Make sure the creases meet the slot edges and press.
Glue the cup rim.
Add glue to the back of the rim
Match the notch with the cup handle
Press with your fingers keeping the cup flat, this will ensure proper placing of the rim.
Press the creases to ensure proper popping up.
Prepare and adhere the popping reinforcement.
Fold the tabs and the center, following the score lines
Add glue only to center back of the reinforcement piece
Press together
Open the upper flaps (the square ones)
Add glue to the upper flaps
And glue to the center of the drawn shapes underneath the Coffee Foam
Flatten the whole thing and press firmly (make sure no glue flows outside the flaps)
Press the cup to check for correct movement
Glue the lower flaps of the pop up reinforcement to the Saucer.
Fold flaps outward

Add glue to the flaps
Glue in place following the drawn lines on the saucer
Fold the saucer slightly to make sure your reinforcement piece matches the crease
Fold all the way and press firmly
Glue the Cup side to the saucer.
Fold back the tabs of the saucer.
This will help gluing the saucer to the inner panel later

Slide the tabs of the cup on the outmost slots of the saucer
Make sure they are inserted all the way in
Add glue to the outward facing part of the tab.
Fold the tab and press firmly
Repeat on the opposite side
Tabs glued correctly
Give the whole thing a good press
Adhere the saucer to the inner card base.
Use the saucer slots you folded previously to attach the saucer to the card base
slide them all the way in.
Add glue to the tab
And press firmly towards the edge of the panel

Add a piece of tape to reinforce the glueing
Assemble the Card Base.
Fold the Card Base following the three scoring lines provided
Add glue to the base reinforcements and glue in place matching the outer edges
Prepare the front embellishments.
Assemble the cup following this order.
First, shadows of the lid, and shadow and highlight of the cup
Glue the shadows of the lid to the lid base.
Use a pair of tweezers for small parts
Glue the lid to the cup

Add the cup label on top and finally, the whole image to the cup offset path
Add Foam tape to the back of the cup.
Using a strong double sided tape, glue the front panel on top
Place the cup and the sentiments in place
Attach the inner panel to the card base.
To keep the folded crease on the card base, I used some sewing clips.
These provide flat strong hold while manipulating the parts

Clips help hold the card base crease

Add glue to the right side of the panel

Match the center of the card base and press

Fold flat and press a bit more

Put your gift card in place

Add glue to the left side of the inner panel
avoiding the gift card

And with your card base halfway open, press the corners
Glue the spoon in place.
Use a tape runner on the back of the spoon
And also on the handle
Glue in place
Aaaaaaaaand you're done!

I hope you enjoy making this project as much as I did.
Have fun!!!

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  1. great tutorial and card!!! you should have a you tube channel!!!

  2. I sent you $ in support of this wonderful popup, but forgot to let you know that I LOVE it! Can't wait to see and make more like it! Janine.rudnick at gmail.com

  3. amazing design and instructions

  4. This is exactly what I was looking for! Question though, the blue rectangle, is that only to represent an actual Gift Card? I don't see it being used in your tutorial! Great job! I saw the Japanese sight too and was trying to figure out how to do it on my Cricut, then I saw your photo! You save me some time!

  5. Yes, the blue rectangle is just a prop that represents the gift card. We used a Starbucks gift card to give as a gift with the card. Kagissipo site is amazing. They use a lot of print then cut though and you can buy their designs on Etsy if you are interested.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Велике дякую за покрокову інструкцію! Дуже допомогли!

  7. Это первая открытка с чашкой кофе, где работают все механизмы. Большое спасибо!