Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wanna Flower? - Coloring Drawing in SVG format

I purchased a couple of stamps a few days ago and looked for the matching dies which they don't have, so I asked the company if it was ok for me to make a cutting file for them and they said "NO".
I have to say thanks though, cause that inspired me to practice my drawing skills and come up with a line of drawings to write on the explore and color using my newly gifted COPIC markers; of course with an offset path to cut around the drawn shape.

Thanks to Mark Crilley's Youtube tutorials I learned a lot on Manga drawings and specially on the Chibi style (cutesy, big head, huge eyes characters).

So here she is, the first of all, Wanna flower? girl, perfect for Valentine's Day.

I used Copic Express Blending Card paper for this. It is a very smooth paper, the markers don't bleed and neither does the  American Crafts 0.01 Point Precision Pen. The pigment based ink, waterproof and archival quality  on this last pen will not smudge with the COPIC's ink which makes it great for coloring afterwards. Just a note: I tried using my Pilot V5 pen but I guess because of the ultra smooth surface of the paper, some of the lines didn't write correctly. Both, the Pilot V5 and the AC Precision Pen fit perfectly on the explore.

This image is great for any Valentine's Day card or just for practicing your coloring skills. I've found it's better to place the image in the center of your mat in the mat preview, at least on my machine the cutting line is a lot more centered with my drawn lines in this spot.

  1. Import in DS
  2. Resize to 5.3 inches tall. This is the smallest size recommended. Details might get lost with smaller sizes or thicker point pens.
  3. Ungroup
  4. Change function for the writing layer (the top layer)
  5. Attach both layers
  6. Cut
  7. Color
  8. Enjoy!

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