Friday, July 4, 2014

Chipboard Distress Ink Storage Unit

I just got my distress inks and decided to make a fabulous storage unit.

I cut, sanded and distress inked the crap out of it. Attached a couple of hinges and BAM!
there you have it.
If you need some advice on how to cut it or assemble it jut ask.

I had to use a Deep cut blade and housing with a pressure of 330 points 7 times to cut through a 1.5 mm thick chipboard. It got the best of the blade but it was totally worth it.
I'm making a new piece though to contain all 48 colors (that I'm getting next week by the way)
You can Always download the color chart from Ranger.com.
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  1. Very awesome work. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. i jsut found your site and became a follower. This box is awesome. I am going to try it. I have lots of Ranger Inks too. Love your colors.

  3. I soo want to try this! I only have a few distress inks but love them. Maybe if I make the holder I'll be able to fill one slot a month. Thanks again. You totally blow me away!

  4. This looks awesome Omar. I'm adding it to my list of projects I have to make!! Thanks for all the files you share freely! <3

  5. Omar, where did you get the chipboard?

  6. what size and how many sheets of chipboard does it take for one section (you have three)?

  7. I love the Distress Ink holder - do you have measurements?? I'm ruler-challenged1

  8. I wish I'd seen this post sooner! I cut the pieces for the distress ink bag on my maker with a double cut and it didn't go through, so I ended up cutting the rest of the way by hand (ouch). It was still totally worth it, but wish I'd known seven was the magic number :) Can't wait for the knife blade to come out!

  9. Wow! Beautiful !! I have been looking for MONTHS for cut files like these and FINALLY HERE YOU ARE! :) And free?!?! <3 <3!! LOVE!

  10. Are these files still available? I'd love to make it, but the download button doesn't work. Thanks!