Saturday, March 6, 2021

How To Create White Offset Outlines Using PIXLR (Free Online Software) to create stickers - 2021 UPDATE

Hello guys!
Many people on YouTube have asked for an update on how to create white outlines on your transparent background images to create stickers, using the PIXLR free online Software.
They've added a couple of features to the interface and here I give you 3 ways to do this with ease,
This video is un update of a previous tutorial I uploaded, given that some changes have been made to the free online software. My previous tutorial, includes the step by step process in Photoshop also, so you can go and check it out here

The image I'm using in the tutorial is a watercolor bouquet of flowers I painted a while ago. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in learning how to digitize your analog artwork to create stickers with them.
When creating stickers, cutting machines software, need images with crisp and smooth edges to recognize them and make a clean cut. If your original image has a fairly textured edge or some transparency on or near the borders white outlines can turn out very irregular and you’ll need to go over it and refine it to smooth it out so it’s a clean line for your cutting machine software to read it and make a precise cut without tearing the sticker paper. 
The process is explained using PIXLRE editor form https://pixlr.com/ , a very powerful internet based image editor that allows you to do as many edits as you want and has a lot of, very useful, photoshop like features
You can also use this editor to create social media posts, edit your own photos, etc.

You'll learn how to create white outlines using Stroke, Outer glow filter and Outline filter. Here´s a comparison between all three methods.
Click on the image to see a larger version

Even though there's not much difference between all three methods, try each one and see which one works better for your image.
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  1. Thank you for showing this method. I have never heard of this program but it seems fairly simple to use. It will help with some images that I have saved from different companies. Thanks Omar!