Thursday, June 15, 2017

Princess Ballerina Shadow Box - Snow White

Hello everyone!
I made this Princess Ballerina Shadow Box for my niece's birthday.
She just loved it!
Easy and fast to make it will sure light up any wall or shelf.
Come take a look, there´s a surprise inside!
Awesome SVGs started as a creative outlet for a hobby I was just discovering, and after two and a half years and plenty of projects, I've finally decided to open a YouTube channel to upload tutorials of new projects.

I will still have some occasional written tutorials, but I think people get a better understanding with a video of the actual work, if my accent doesn't get in the way.

I'm no Craft Guru or anything, but I like to experiment and try new things, and some - not all, I must admit- come up pretty good.

So here it is, the first official Awesome SVGs video tutorial
If you like the video or have suggestions, please subscribe, comment and give it a thumbs up, it will really encourage me.

The Free SVG link for this project is at the end of the post like always, along with links to the supplies used.

And here, a couple more photos to give you an idea of the finished product.

Supplies List



  1. Another awesome project Omar :-) Thank You xxx

  2. Love this ballerina, and your video is great - clear, concise and just the right length!

  3. great job on your tutorial. you are so talented

  4. I'm completely in love by this project. Thank you to be so kind and share the files with us!

  5. Just discovered u on facebook. Amazing and thank you so much for the ballerina series!

  6. My niece will love all of these princess ballerinas! Thank you so much for sharing! I am subscribed to your youtube channel, excited to see what you upload next :)

  7. Where can I find these? My 3 yo would be beside herself!!