Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Around the Sun Spinning Card - English and Spanish.

This year, people have been using the phrase "a journey around the sun" to congratulate others on their birthday a lot.
Now, giving my brush lettering practising and the fact that my friend Ricardo always expects an awesome card, I came up with an idea that combines, Faux brush lettering, the popular quote and a spinning card.

 The Card is actually very simple and easy to make.
The tricky part is getting the spinning to work and for that I have a few tips.

  1. Choose a sturdy cardstock for your card base. I used JAM 80 lb. dark gray cardstock. The file comes with a card base wit rounded corners, but I make my card bases using my paper trimmer and my corner chomper, that way I save on paper. There's a link at the bottom to the paper I used, it is a bit more expensive than others, but it is worth the price.
  2. Place your Foam tape to raise the front panel properly. Avoid the areas where the spinning mechanism has to go through.
  3. Make a sturdy front outer panel. I used 2 panels glued together with a liquid glue like Aleene's Tacky Glue
  4. Make your own foam dots. They have to be smaller than the slot where it slides. This is how I make mine.
    Cut a piece of foam tape without removing the backing.
    Add a piece of backing paper on top to prevent the foam tape from sticking to your hole punch
    Slide it carefully in the hole punch
    There you go!
    Add another dot on top to make it double
    Stick it to your penny.
  5. Make a sturdy center panel joining two pieces with some liquid glue and pop it using foam tape in the same manner you did the front outer panel.
The spinning embellishment is very simple to make. Both, the earth and the moon are two pieces of cardstock glued on top of each other. After adhering them to the offset spinning path, add a generous amount of Clear Mod Podge. For the sun I used Gold Glitter Mod Podge to give it some sparkle.
Glue the sun flat on the center panel to allow for the spinning embellishment to move.
The Faux Brush Lettering is actually my hand writing and is included in the file, so there's no need for installing new fonts on your computer. It was written with a Sakura Gelly Roll White Gel Pen on a Chomas Pen Holder on my Cricut Explore. Make sure to change the function of the written layer to write, ungroup the whole card and attach this layer to the card base.
A picture I took a while ago when I reviewed the Chomas Adapter.
I filled the letters once they were drawn .
 To finish the card I randomly drew a lot of dots in different sizes to give the card a spacey look.

 The Zip file provided comes with a file in english as well
In the end, Ricardo enjoyed the card a lot and I had a lot of fun making it.
I hope you give it a try.

Supplies List

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  1. What an adorable card! Thanks for sharing the file.

  2. I would love to know what font you've used here. What a fabulous card!!

    1. Hi Jennifer. This is actually my own script handwriting. I traced it in illustrator to create the file.

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