Monday, April 11, 2016

Tuscan Sun - Inlaid, Overlaid Elegant Square Card

I can never get enough of Neenah's  luscious signature Creative Collection papers.
For this card I used Texture Royal Compliments.

Tuscan Sun is actually one of the colors of the paper set, I also used Umber and Citron for the base. The front, intricate cut (the overlay) is from a different paper pack from Neenah Creative Collection: Royal Metallics in White Gold.
If you are wondering where the texture is, take a look at the next photo. A very subtle rough texture gives the paper an elegant matte finish, needless to say it cuts beautifully. Only one side is textured which makes gluing reliable, giving that the back of the cardstock is smooth.
Here you can see the texture and not textured surface of the inlaid flower like pieces. Also you can see how well these inlaid pieces fit the dark brown base.
The cut is very easy to assemble, just glue the umber (brown) base to the citron (green) base card. Glue the inlaid pieces in place. As I always say, try using a liquid glue to allow for a tougher final card. Finally, apply some spray adhesive on the back of the front overlay and glue it on top.
I would highly recommend using a good quality cardstock, like the ones mentioned; it is the only way of getting these very intricate cuts to look right and not messy.
In real life, the White Gold Royal Metallic Cardstock has a gorgeous shine that tops this card elegantly. You will never want to use another metallic finish cardstock again. Look at how smooth the cuts are.
To finish the card I used Bon-Bon enamel dots from Doodlebug Designs. One in the center of each flower and a lighter color for the center.
Here are a few more artistic photos (can't help myself)

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  1. This is so gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing. Your designs are just beautiful!!!

  2. This remains me of tiles of the old spain houses in Puerto Rico. Very pretty work. Thanks