Monday, November 20, 2023

Slider Window, Parallel V-Fold, Pop Up Card Christmas Card

'Tis the season to let your creativity shine and share the joy of the holidays through handmade cards.
In that spirit, I give you the Slider Window, Parallel V-fold Pop-up Christmas Card.
Most of the tips to create this card are in the YouTube video tutorial, but here are some of the main aspects:
  • Use a heavy cardstock for the card base, it will help lifting the characters that can get pretty heavy when doubling the cardstock.

  • Use two layers of cardstock for the colored images if you use a medium that bleeds to the opposite side like alcohol markers (Copics)
  • Use Antistatic Powder to "grease up" the mechanism. It will help the slider tab glide smoothly and avoid it getting caught on the foam tape.

  • Sending a Christmas card is more than a seasonal tradition; it's an opportunity to strengthen connections and share joy. 
    Change the stamped sentiment or the color scheme to sprinkle your creativity and turn this card into a cherished holiday keepsake. 

    May your Christmas cards be a reflection of the warmth and love that define this magical season!

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    1. Can u do a colored version of this card for print and cut for those of us that don't color?

    2. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent. I will follow your directions carefully, since I would never figure out how to put it together on my own. :) Oh, and thank you for the coloring help in your video!