Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Chibi Rey Vinyl

May the force be with you all this year!

For a long time I've designed graphics with a black border consisting in a solid back black layer and offset colored vinyl pieces on top. The bad thing about it is that you end up with a thick piece of plastic on your garment that doesn't move and keeps your tummy warm, which is OK in winter, but in summer can be a real pain.
For this one though, I designed all the pieces connected and added the thin black outline on top to cover up the seams. This way you have only one layer of vinyl for the most part.

Just make sure you heat press the eyes' highlights and the belt buckle on top of the black layer.

For the skin color I used a beige colored vinyl that makes Rey look a little tanned, but after I made the shirt, I bought pink Cricut vinyl that I think will work fine for this design, but it has yet to be tested.
I made this image very big, it is 11.5 inches tall, but I'm sure you can make it smaller to fit a children's T-shirt.

I hope you give this design a go and tell me if you have a Cricut EasyPress, how easy it is to get the alignment right, because using a heat press can be a little challenging.

*Disclaimer: the image shown is a mock-up, I did cut the design and tested it and it works fine, I just did not have the time to set up the photo gear.

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