Friday, May 16, 2014


Hi there!
I bought a Midori Traveler's Notebook a couple of months ago - there's an amazing stationery store in San Francisco - I just love it!. Surfing through midori's site (http://www.midori-japan.co.jp/tr/english/) I came across Kraft Paper Envelopes and decided to make my own, but with a twist.

    Here are the SVG files for:
  1. a plain envelope,
  2. one with a window that I covered with a different color, but you can cover with plastic or acetate

My personal favorite, is the one with my name in japanese Kanji (used google translate for this one.)
To put together, glue the tabs, and attach the fastener using a 4,5mm eyelet. Attach a string and you are done!
BTW, I finally figured how to put scoring lines in a single layer, so it is easier to change the function in design space for that specific layer.

Supplies List

Plain Download If links don´t seem to open, please right click and select "open link in a new tab", it should take you to a save file dialog. Let me know in the comments if links don´t work, thanks

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